Atlas steel truck bodies come in a variety of configurations and options. No matter what you may be needing we have you covered. From gooseneck bodies, platforms, to dump bodies. When it comes to steel truck bodies, we can modify or add a variety of different options.

Our gooseneck bodies come with all the options that many other companies will charge extra for. These gooseneck bodies come standard with a rear hitch and gooseneck ball. Some other standard features is the upgraded stop, turn, tail light, which has an integrated backup light in it. Many other companies offer a separate stop, turn, tail light and a separate backup light.

One other extra benefit that our gooseneck bodies have to offer is custom paint. We offer a variety of different colors to choose from. Many other manufactures only offer black as the color. Choose our steel truck bodies to match the color of your truck or the color of your brand.