Stainless Steel Truck Bodies are engineered and built to last the life of the truck. Built with high quality 304 Stainless Steel, these bodies are built to outlast the truck. With the durability and strength of normal steel, they also have the benefit of corrosion resistance. Unlike other companies who use aluminum for corrosion resistance at the expense of strength. These stainless Steel Bodies are the best of both worlds.
With many options to choose from Atlas Truck bodies can help you build the perfect truck. From stainless steel platforms, goose neck bodies and dump bodies we can help build whatever body that fits your needs.

When it comes to purchasing a new truck, why purchase a body that wont last the life of your truck? With our Stainless bodies, they will last the life of the truck and then some. When it comes to contractors, time is money and when it comes to stainless bodies, the need for costly down time and repairs is minimal compared to that of aluminum which can easily be damaged. We have competitive pricing on all our stainless bodies, which can compare in price to that of aluminum. Call or email us today for a quote!

Stainless Steel Contractor Bodies
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